How to get employed in the film industry

Getting a Job in Film Production

By Kingwa Kamencu

ADMI students during their end of semester project

Ginger Wilson, the co-founder and producer of Ginger Ink films, is a legend in the local film world. Her film servicing and production company works all over the continent giving support to media projects ranging from commercials and documentaries, to feature films. Among the Hollywood heavy-weights, she has worked with are the Wachowski filmmakers (famous for The Matrix, V for Vendetta and the Netflix series Sense8). 

Ginger Ink’s ongoing collaboration with One Fine Day Films and DW Akademie has produced seven high-quality films, films that have annually ended up on Kenya’s submission list for the Oscars since 2012. Many have been feted heavily in festivals and won awards, some of the more famous among them being Nairobi Half-Life, Kati Kati and Supa Modo. This collaboration has also trained more than 1,000 young directors, cinematographers, scriptwriters, and technicians, from 21 African countries, on its annual workshops and masterclasses. 

We put the question to Ginger: What does she look for in a potential employee? 

“It’s interesting that you ask this now because we’ve just put out a call for a coordinator. The priority for me is communication skills; being able to communicate fully. Also being flexible and robust. I remember hiring someone to come work in our production office who was then working in Nakumatt Junction in the lighting section. I was buying lights there. She was so great with me, I offered her a job. I find that people who have been in the service and hospitality industry make a great cross over into the world of production. Think about it; in a bar or restaurant, you have to be flexible, responsive, on your toes and you have to interact well with your customer. One needs to have mastered the technical stuff like camera, sound, lighting, and editing but they also need to be able to communicate and interact with people well.” 

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