The Hive: 1st Edition

Take a look at what took place during the 1st edition of The HIVE.


“The HIVE” is a term that was coined by our students to reflect the culture, work ethic and passion that they put into their work. The event was an opportunity for the students to showcase their work to the public.


“I see the talent that the students possess every day in class; I was excited and proud that the students took up the challenge to showcase their work. I could see the impact it had on their family and friends who may have never seen what they do. The students received so much feedback which will impact their craft in a positive way. The school is growing and it is important to give the new and ongoing talents a place to exhibit their work; as a way to supplement their studies at ADMI.”

Brain Omolo
Graphic Design Lecturer

“I enjoy working with colour and plant-life and it was exciting to see how different people perceived my work. Working with my classmates towards this event; their advice and pointers on how I should improve my work, made my final portraits stunning. I learned the importance of teamwork.”

Neema Akinyi 
Graphic Design Student

“My work is highly influenced by the emotions that I go through daily which makes my music very relatable. The exhibition was very eye-opening as I got a chance to get feedback on my work, moreover, it gave me the confidence to believe in my work and in myself.”

Jim Obayi 
Sound Engineering Student

Take Away

The class of 2019 began a tradition that will nurture the talents of ADMI students. After all, what would be the essence of their art if it won’t be shared with others? 
Albert Einstein once said, creativity is contagious thus it should be passed on. This years theme was “The HIVE”, we are eagerly waiting to see what the next class has in store for us.