What Is The Future Of Education In Africa?

January 12, 2018 11:35:34 PM EAT / by Muthoni Njoki

Lissett specialises in education design and innovation. She has worked as a teacher and school principal as well as an education specialist for universities, education media companies, and foundations. Previous roles have included working as Senior Programme Manager for Education Innovation at Equity Group Foundation, as Learning Specialist for Akili and Me (an education cartoon reaching 2.6 million viewers in East Africa), and as a Consultant for US Accreditation at the American University of Armenia. Lissett holds an Ed.M in Human Development & Psychology from the Harvard Graduate School of Education and a B.A. in Public Policy, with a specialisation in Education Policy, from Duke University, both in the United States.

2.WISE (Ubongo won a prize, I was a consultant). Qatar big innovation conference. Tons on the website. wise 2017 “learning to work and live together”

3. Think Future – focused early childhood, broadly it was focused on education trends.

How do we plan for huge population growth who will live in cities that do not exist?

4. Why is it important to understand trends in technology and population growth?

It is really important to understand trends of how technology and globalization and population growth are changing all of these conference are about trying to anticipate the future and be responsive to that future to provide relevant education. This is important, but we also get to say education institutions can be proactive and say – ADMI is saying Kenya is going to be the next hub for the creative industry – next bollywood/hollywood, silicon valley –

Malaysia – city where hyperdag. where eddy studied.

Durham (where I studied at Duke) – north caroline -middle nowhere, highest concentration of phds and some of the best medical centers. that becuase 3 major universities who focused on specific areas – so its call the research triangle. responsive but also get to be proactive.

 ADMI is an example of an education institution that is responsive to changes in technology and opportunies/challenges facing artists/industry, etc. (Digital generation)

But we are also being proactive – by having a quality education institution paired with studios (to build industry) we are creating a talent pipeline that will fuel the creative economy in Kenya.

6. Lots of talk of bringing in industry into curriculum design, teaching, etc.

ADMI does that by employing artists as faculty members.

Full time faculty – none – because we want people to stay current in industry.

work with employer partners to update/approve curriculum

global badges, so international accreditation like certiport and pearson – additioanl certification that is recognized by employers worldwide.

students leave with soft sills as well as technical skills

as well as actual work experience

 Blended learning (flipped classroom) using digital resources not to replace teachers but to humanize the classroom (Khan quote). So that classroom time is for coaching, mentoring, practice, feedback, solving problems,collaborating, iterating, protyping

homework is for content consumption through reading, presentations, youtube/video lectures/tutorials.

Preparing youth with 21st century skills through our career launchpad program

as well as employment through classes and industry immersion.

Digital generation – lots of devices to consume content and people are consuming content (more people access and more people are consuming content thorughout day).

positioning youth to be content creators not just consumers.

10. complex education system with so many challenges often forget to place the student and his/her needs and dreams at the center.

At, ADMI we try to be responsive to the changing world and prepare kids for the future of work, but at the same time we are deeply centered in each students passion and dreams …

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