7 tips that will help you succeed as digital marketer

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August 3, 2017 6:16:07 PM EAT / by ADMI team

Thinking about a career in Digital Marketing? Here are some tips from ADMI alumnus, Kennedy Carrington Otiebo, now Group Digital Marketing Manager at Cellulant, a leading mobile services company with operations in over 12 countries.


What does it take to succeed in digital marketing?

  1. Be humble. In the early days, I worked hard, sometimes for free. One job even paid me Ksh. 1,500 a month to handle their online presence! My priority was to learn and build a portfolio showing real results. It also allowed me to mingle with the industry. Eventually, the job offers came.
  2. Develop soft skills. In addition to a technical understanding of the digital marketing tools, the employer or client will need you to display strong writing skills. And they will count on you to deliver your projects on time. Work hard on building discipline and polishing your communication skills. You can learn this through our Career Launchpad program.
  3. Build an Advisory Board for your career. I learnt early that you need to have 2 or 3 people to bounce ideas off, and to share challenges with. In one case, we were using a tool that was not delivering the results it was supposed to. After consulting with a peer in the industry, he explained that the tool was not well suited for the problem we were trying to solve. This saved us a lot of time and trouble.
  4. Keep learning. Teach yourself, take classes, attend conferences. Give it everything you have.
  5. Develop a portfolio. These days recruiters just want to know what you can do for them. There is no better way to prove this than a clear portfolio of work and case studies on how you have delivered results for real clients.
  6. Go deep. Lately, it is a fad to call yourself a digital marketer. But a savvy client or employer will ask you for specific examples of what you have done. So, after getting a good foundation in digital, specialize and become a guru in at least one area, say Social Media Marketing or Digital Advertising.
  7. Take yourself seriously. If you receive a chance to be an intern, be responsible with your tasks and passionate about serving your client. I have seen people get promoted for having the right attitude, even if they are young and have a lot to learn.

ADMI is one of very few institutions in Eastern Africa offering a comprehensive program in digital marketing. The course is offered at several levels, starting with the introductory Digital Marketing Certificate. Thereafter students can progress into focused courses in Digital Advertising, Social Media Marketing, Digital Strategy and more. The program is only avilable on part time basis which is perfect for anyone who works during the day. 

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Teach yourself a new skill that will enable you to earn more in no time! Even better, you can work for clients at your own time. Watch the following video to understand what digital marketing is all about.

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